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January 15, 2020 Minutes


Leslie Jewkes – Principal
Annette Marchant – Teacher

Guests: Members of the public, Members of the school board:
Superintendant Brisco
Mr. Leon Wilcox, CFO

Peruvian Park school board member:
Mr. Steve Wrigley

Heather Watson – Chair
Melinda Bezdjian – Parent
Heather McEntire – Parent
Karina Park – Parent
Irina Stoddard – Parent
Ali Woodward – Parent


Agenda Items

  1. Introduction: Ms. Jewkes
    a. After the bond passed approving new school construction, beginning stages of planning were implemented including the consideration of architects, and touring local recently constructed schools.
    b. In order to preserve the utmost safety for students, the decision was made to move Peruvian Park Elementary to an alternative site while the new school is built.
    ii. For neighborhood kids – Bus stops will be planned every 3-5 miles.
    iii. SALTA- map out student addresses, try to figure out a few points for bus pickups for students located farther away from Peruvian site.
    iv. Need to coordinate with bell times
    1. 1. Might stagger starting times with Edgemont to avoid mass amounts of parents and students at drop-off and pick up. Discussion: Superintendent Briscoe      
      a. Due to skyrocketing costs, it was feared that the new school construction project was going to have to be extended. 
      b. The Board decided to vote to approve construction of the last two elementary schools at the December 2019 Board meeting. 
      c. It will take approximately 1.5 yrs. to plan for new school construction.
      d. The Board cannot approve new site or make any changes until 120 days after announcement to tear down the school.
      e. In April 2020, the board can approve teardown and new build for Peruvian Park, Edgemont, and Union Middle School.
      f. The 2020-21 school year will be completed entirely at current location of Peruvian Park Elementary.
      g. Parents and teachers will have input into planning the new building:
              i. Rendered drawings will be made available
              ii. Planning will go through the fall of 2021
              iii. Bids will be taken, board will approve
      h. Timeline for Construction 2021-22
               i. Teachers and school staff will be packing up in the spring 2021
              ii. The Building will be torn down in Summer 2021.
              iii. New building construction will begin in Fall 2022.
              iv. School year 2021-22 will be completed at the Crescent site in Sandy: 11150 Green Ridge Dr.
              v. School year 2022-23 will be completed at New Peruvian Park Elementary (built on current lot site).
      i. Recommendation from the board
               i. Belleview will stay on site during construction of new school on a different site.
               ii. Peruvian Park Elementary and Edgemont Elementary will be in the Crescent building together during construction of both new schools.
                   1. Need for temporary school site for Peruvian that is big enough to fit 800+ students.
                   2. Core spaces at Crescent are very large- gym, theater, cafeteria
                  3. Considerations will be made for playground equipment.
                 4. Each school will have its own front office space and student classroom spaces.
                 5. All Peruvian Park students will be bussed to new Crescent site.
                      a. Already working with transportation department to develop plan for getting students to and from Crescent school.
                      b. Board has begun purchasing additional new busses.
                      c. Board will collaborate with parents and Peruvian administration to determine best locations for pickup/drop-off sites to bus all students to Crescent site.
                 6. The goal is for parents know exactly where and when kids will be picked up for busses by Fall 2021.
                7. It would be ideal to arrange for volunteers at bus pickup and drop-off sites to help kids who are unfamiliar will taking the bus.
                8. Similar bussing arrangements were used to bus kids from Midvale Middle School to Crescent during the construction of their school.
                       a. Enrollment and attendance went up for those two years
      3. Meeting open to questions from the community:
           a. Where will kids bussed to/ from Midvale Middle School for the SALTA program be dropped off?
                  i. Not certain yet but it’s under consideration.
                  ii. Will make accommodations to best of ability- possibly work with parents to figure out pick-ups.
           b. Is there a communication plan for transportation arrangements and how parents can give feedback?
                 i. Transportation director will take point on developing the plan
                 ii. Feb/March of 2021 is when new bus stops for Crescent will be planned.
                    1. Parent meetings and other communications (email, etc.) will take place. 
                    2. Currently, cannot plan specific stops- exact student enrollment numbers from Feb/March 2021 are necessary for making plans.
      iii. Currently, Looking at addresses of currently enrolled students in grades 1-3

                      1. These are the students who will be affected with the move.
                      2. Communicating with those parents to consider specific needs.

      iv. Mid-day bus for kinder will be provided
      v. An Open House/ tour of the facility for students and parents will be arranged before the 2022 school year at Crescent site.
      vi. Possibly have a run through with the busses for students
      C.    Do parents have the option to drive students directly to the Crescent school site?
             i. Parents will have the option to pick up and drop off their students directly
             ii. For neighborhood kids-Bus stops will be planned every .3-.5 miles.
      iii. SALTA – map out student addresses, try to figure out a few points for bus pickups for students located farther away from Peruvian site.
      iv.     Need to coordinate with bell times
      iv.      Need to coordinate with bell times 
      d. Still permit SALTA siblings
       i. Yes, no change.
      e. New building plan?
      1. i. Handout- Peruvian Park Preliminary Site/Building Plan.
      2. ii. New building will be built on same location as current building.
      3. iii. Will be two-story building.
        1. 1. More cost effective to build larger school up than out.
          2. Safety- second story limits access points to building.
          iv. Busses will have separate drop-off/pick-up site from cars.
          v. Lots of natural light
      1. f. Is the presented timeline certain?
        1. i. Yes- being proactive, timeline is reliable.
        2. ii. It takes approximately 15 months to build an elementary school.
        3. iii. Contingency plan- stay at Crescent site as long as necessary.
      2. g. New crescent building details?
        1. i. Classrooms will still be grouped in pods.
        2. ii. Bathrooms will be separated by school and grouped within grade levels.
        3. iii. Gymnasium is big with curtain that drops down in the middle.
        4. iv. Remember- Our school Peruvian Park is the ‘people not the building’.
        5. v. Large classrooms
        6. vi. Choir room will be available for music classes.
        7. vii. Art room will be available for art classes.
        8. viii. Play area for younger kids- to be determined
        9. ix. PTA will help create atmosphere that feels like an elementary school
        10. x. SCC and PTA will be highly involved in move to new school.
        11. xi. All parents are welcome to attend monthly SCC meetings.
        12. xii. Ms. Jewkes will communicate all pertinent information in the weekly parent emails.
      3. h. Newly constructed school details- so far?
        1. i. Classrooms will be large.
        2. ii. Wide open common spaces.
        3. iii. Lots of sky lights and natural light windows.
        4. iv. District has been open and involving Ms. Jewkes regarding plans for new building.
        5. v. Currently, any questions can be communicated to Ms. Jewkes.
      4. i. What type of earthquake and other safety precautions?
        1. i. Current earthquake standards and codes will be met.
        2. ii. Training, communication is always taking place and safety is always the priority.
      5. j. Communication between after school programs?
        1. i. Tbd
      6. k. Next steps?
        1. i. Principal will communicate any and all necessary information.
        2. ii. Principal and teachers will get more information and make more plans regarding potential schedule, classroom move, and set up.
        3. iii. Will work heavily throughout the summer months.
        4. iv. Another parent meeting will take place next fall.
        5. v. Communication lines will remain open.
        6. vi. Before school ends in Spring of 2021 parents will be given all details for following school year.
        7. vii. Can communicate questions and concerns with SCC chair Heather Watson
          1. 1. or 801-826-9136
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