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Lost and Found

Please take a look through our lost and found pictures. If you recognize something, please call our office at 801-826-9100 or send your student to the office to claim it. Include a description of the item and the number in the picture. Unclaimed items will be donated February 12th. Thank you!

December 8, 2020 – Agenda

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SCC Agenda

Peruvian Park Elementary

December 8th, 2020

  1. Discussion Items
    1. New building/Move to Crescent
    2. Safety Plan
    3. Digital Citizenship
    4. School data
    5. Budget review
  2. Action Items
    1. Cell tower funds

November 10, 2020 – Minutes

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SCC Minutes

Peruvian Park Elementary – Zoom Meeting

November 10th, 2020

  1. Attendees:
    1. Alicia Woodward
    2. Leslie Jewkes
    3. Jenn Crane
    4. Tami Yamane
    5. Jenn Crane
    6. Annette Marchant
    7. Emily Tippets
    8. Jessica Dalton
    9. Rachel Stoddard
    10. Andrea Nelson


  1. Discussion Items
    1. Budget
      1. Currently fully staffed – hired Annette Werhli to work additional hours as interventionist
      2. Chromebook’s purchased
    2. New building updates
      1. Notes going to parents in update.
    3. School Safety Plan
      1. Current plan addresses sidewalk on 8425.  Sidewalk cannot be built on the north side of the street unless another grant is obtained.
      2. Areas of concern:
        1. Street area outside the North catwalk
        2. No security vestibule at Crescent
        3. Transportation in general for the move to Crescent. Bus safety for kids who have never ridden the bus, drop off, SALTA Busses et. al.  **This will be main safety concern for coming year**
    4. Digital Citizenship
      1. Has been moved to the spring, Mrs. Healey will be coordinating.
    5. Move to Crescent
      1. New construction timeline has increased from 14 months to 16 months.  Time is required to prep for asbestos removal before demo, construction delays, etc.  This requires the school to move mid year to have the best possibility of opening the new school at the beginning of a new year.. Ms. Jewkes reported on discussions with the district about the  options to the move,  so that in Fall 2022 we can begin the year in the new school.  Students would start at Crescent after Spring Break.
      2. Advantages of moving this year:
        1. This year is already an unusual year, with many students learning online. Moving early would prevent another disrupted school year for students and teachers in 2022.
        2. A large percentage (33%)of students are remote already and could continue if parents did not want to move in April.  Parents also have the option to change learning options for term 3 if they don’t want to participate in the move.  This would not be an option in 2022.
        3. Moving in April would involve only ⅔ of the student body.
        4. Continued learning Fridays this year would allow teachers time  to prepare new classrooms for students. It would also allow for them to plan the move for the children. This time would not be available in 2022.
        5. Many teachers agreed that this is the best option among the options presented.
      3. Issues to be considered with a fast track timeline:
        1. Packing would need to begin immediately. The district will assist..
        2. Good Bye School Celebrations for the school would be moved to the end of March.
        3. Finalizing a bussing schedule/map from the district. SALTA and permit students need to be considered also. This needs to be communicated to parents by January. Our bell times are not changing, so this might make some bus pickup early. What is the schedule?
        4. Notifying parents ASAP, so they can consider potential daycare issues, transportation, etc.
    6. Do we need volunteers to assist in moving classrooms? Aides at the school can help with packing up and unpacking classrooms
    7. Determining SCC and PTA help in making Crescent ready for elementary school environment.  How do we keep it familiar?


  1. New Meeting (If necessary after Board vote) tentatively scheduled for December 8th @ 3:15. 


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