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October 13, 2020 – Agenda

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SCC Agenda Peruvian Park Elementary October 13th, 2020
  1. Call to Order
    1. Appointment of Secretary
  1. Discussion Items
    1. SCC Training Reminder
    2. Data – Achievement Coach
    3. Continued Learning Friday
    4. New building updates
      1. Exterior plan for student safety
      2. Playground area
    5. Move to Crescent
    6. Blending Online and In-Person || One School
    7. School Safety Plan
    8. Digital Citizenship
    9. Budget Review
  1. Adjourn
    1. Next meeting Nov. 10th

October 13, 2020 – Minutes

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SCC Minutes

Peruvian Park Elementary

October 13th, 2020

  1. Call to Order
  2. Appointment of Secretary –

Andrea Nelson volunteered

Discussion Items

SCC Training Reminder

Please complete Training and report back to Alicia

Data – Achievement Coach

We are not able to compare some of the at home learning assessment data due to possible uncontrolled environments. Generally, data shows positive trend in some of the younger grades. The effects of online learning in the spring is uncertain as we await 2020 online results.

Continued Learning Friday

Parents like paper packets. Amount of work being assigned seems to be good. SCC endorses maintaining the packets.

New building updates

  1. Exterior plan for student safety
  2. Playground area
  3. Move to Crescent

Leslie is working with district to adapt sinks and access to make them appropriate for elementary students.

Blending Online and In-Person Activities || One School

This has proven to be difficult as teachers need to maintain in-person and provide some online, so extra time available is limited. SCC and PTA will look for simple things that create unity.

School Safety Plan

Update on Sidewalk on South side of 8425 S. Grant money has been allocated and cannot be changed to the North side of the street. Further grants can be obtained by Salt Lake County.

Digital Citizenship

There is a new digital citizenship facilitator. We will revisit after she is trained.

Budget Review

Current expenditures reviewed. No comments


Next meeting Nov. 10th

July 1, 2020 – Minutes

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Leslie Jewkes – Principal
Annette Marchant – Teacher

Heather Watson – Chair
Melinda Bezdjian
Jenn Crane
Karina Park
Irina Stoddard
Tami Yamane
Emily Tippetts – PTA President

Agenda Items:

E-mailed/referenced documents: Peruvian Park re-opening plan, Harvard Healthy Buildings Program Schools for Health, School Opening Planning Requirements and Recommendations for K-12, SCC and PTA reopening concerns google doc. 

  1. 1. Governor’s office and USBE issued guidelines for individual plans to safely reopen schools to in-person learning in fall 2020 
    1. a. CSD plan at this time is to move forward with all kids going back to school.
    2. b. Faculty and staff are planning for guidelines and procedures to keep everyone safe.
    3. c. Parents will have the option to do online school facilitated and administered through the district, not Peruvian teachers.  
    4. 2. Plan for reopening- Overview
    5. a. District guideline, masks are highly encouraged but not required- district will provide masks for those who want one but don’t have one.
    6. b. Faculty and staff are considering risks and developing procedures to mitigate those risks based on state and CDC guidelines
    7. c. Consulting other sources such as Harvard Healthy Buildings
    8. d. Plan needs to be sent to district by August 1st 
    9. e. School Board meeting June 30th was trying to set out guidelines and planning requirements for schools. They will meet again July 14 with more direction.
    10. 3. Peruvian Park Plan
    11. a. Arrival and departure- 
      1. i. Clearly designated areas for children to wait for school to start and wait for rides to maintain social distance. (waiting areas will be marked with colored dots/zip ties).
      2. ii. Entrances and exits will be monitored and classrooms will enter/exit building separately.
      3. iii. Late students will enter office to check in without parents- parents will be asked to call/write a note/send an e-mail. 
      4. iv. Children taking buses will leave a few minutes earlier than usual.
      5. v. After school, children still waiting for pick-up will wait inside the main doors on designated spots marked to allow for social distancing.
      6. vi. Kindergarten students-teachers will work with individual families to ensure safe drop off and pick up.
    12. b. Mealtimes:
      1. i. Students will always sit with their own classmates.  Classes will not be allowed to intermingle during meals.
        1. 1. Classes will have assigned tables
        2. 2. Tables will be sanitized after each class exits.
      2. ii. Discussion took place as to whether students should have assigned seating at mealtimes.  
        1. 1. Will be left up to teacher discretion.
        2. 2. Choosing who to sit by at lunch could be used as a reward for positive healthy behavior/following guidelines.
        3. 3. Would allow for easier contact tracing if necessary.
        4. 4. Students may not like having to sit in assigned seats/ not sitting by their friends.
        5. 5. Breakfast- students will sit with siblings, social distancing required whenever possible.
      3. iii. Possibly need to determine a designated area for personal items/ extra space for home lunch containers.
    13. c. Classrooms
      1. i. Attempts will be made to distance student desks 6 ft apart, although ability to achieve this may be constrained due to the size of the classrooms.
      2. ii. Desks will face forward-may need to remove rugs to make more space.
      3. iii. Children will sanitize hands before entering the classroom.
      4. iv. Masks are encouraged but not required per district guidance.
      5. v. Individual school supplies will be provided for each child-no sharing unless something can be disinfected,
      6. vi. No individual use of drinking fountains- children will use water bottles
        1. 1. Designated area for water bottle storage?
        2. 2. PTA may be able to find donations of water bottles like at Field Day last year.
      7. vii. Possibly use command strips or some other method to enable students to hang their masks from their desks when not in use.
      8. viii. Rug time/morning meeting will be less than 15 minutes.  (general guideline is less than 6ft apart for 15 minutes or less).
      9. ix. Devices in the classroom will be assigned to individual students and sanitized daily.
      10. x. Children (especially early grades) will be encouraged to become familiar with technology resources right away in case school at home is necessary.
    14. d. Restrooms
      1. i. Cleaned/disinfected several times throughout the day.
      2. ii. Designated classroom bathroom times will be in place
        1. 1. If student has emergency, exceptions are allowed
        2. 2. Teachers will create plans for bathroom time.
    15. e. Recess
      1. i. Encouraging children to be socially distant during outside play time
        1. 1. Separation by classroom would require a significant amount of supervision to ensure classes do not intermingle.
        2. 2. Possibly designate areas of the playground to rotate daily for individual class usage.
        3. 3. Recess times will be adjusted so that grades do not overlap.
        4. 4. Separation by class will allow for easier contact tracing.
    16. f. Assemblies/group activities
      1. i. No assemblies are scheduled at this time
      2. ii. There will be a possibility for virtual assemblies/presentations in the future.
      3. iii. Group activities such as book fair, choir and chess club will be cancelled.  
      4. iv. SCC was in support of orchestra being allowed to resume if social distancing guidelines are upheld.  (Orchestra is a small group of students, no wind instruments, no singing).
      5. v. Back to school/virtual Panthers and Popsicles for students and parents to meet teachers.  
    17. g. Office phone usage
      1. i. Students will not be allowed to use the office phone; adults will make calls on student’s behalf. 
    18. h. Sick room
      1. i. One area will be designated for students with ‘covid like’ symptoms, and another area will be designated for other situations (i.e., broken bones, meds distribution, etc).
    19. i. Volunteers/visitors
      1. i. No outside visitors will be allowed
      2. ii. Volunteers for special purposes only- will be evaluated by teacher need on a case by case basis. Would be required to wear a mask and follow all safety protocols.
        1. 1. SCC members all felt very strongly that volunteers and visitors pose an unnecessary risk to students, faculty, and staff.
        2. 2. SCC members supported unanimously that volunteers and visitors should be avoided whenever possible in order to prioritize the safety of students, faculty and staff.
        3. 4. Other concerns:
    20. a. Will there be a way for parents to know the infection rate at Peruvian Park
    21. b. Best ways to protect children’s privacy/ prevent shaming.
    22. c. Guidelines for when children/classrooms are sent home due to quarantine requirements? Siblings will miss school too- what resources will be available to them when the rest of their classmates remain at school?
    1. 5. Electronic Vote 7/26/20 
    2. a. Revision of Repopulating Plan: Addition of “Students will be dismissed from the cafeteria by 8:10 and will exit only through the north door to line up with their classes. Yes 6: No 0
    1. 6. Electronic Vote 8/6/20 
    2. a. Revision of Repopulating Plan: Delete to align with new guidelines, “Students will wear face coverings when physical distancing is not possible or when engaged in contact longer than 15 minutes within 6 feet. Command strips will be placed on desks to hang masks when not being worn”. Replace with, “Students will wear face coverings inside the building.  Teachers will embed outside masks breaks with physical distancing into the day.” Yes 8, No 0
    3. b. Discussion from November 2018 meeting to move $2000 from cell tower fund to principal fund lacked official vote. SCC vote on that action: Yes 8 No 0
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