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September 14, 2022 – Minutes

Peruvian Park | School Community Council

September 14, 2022 3:15 p.m.



  • Alicia Woodward
  • Andrew Adams
  • Annette Marchant
  • Rachel Stoddard
  • Leslie Jewkes
  • Robbie Stone
  • Alesa Garr
  • Amanda Arcilesi
  • Mandy Romney – PTA Rep


  • Heather Watson


Alicia Woodward volunteers to be chair.
Leslie Jewkes motions to nominate Alicia Woodward as SCC Chair
Rachel Stoddard seconds
A unanimous vote by the council

Robbie Stone volunteers to be vice-chair.
Leslie Jewkes motions to nominate Robbie Stone as SCC Vice-Chair
Rachel Stoddard seconds
A unanimous vote by the council

Alicia Woodward nominates Andrew Adams to remain as secretary.

TSSP and Land Trust Budget Overview

The school expected $80k for TSSP and the school received almost $90k.

Land trust balance is $72,000.

Projected expenditures from plans created last year were discussed and are expected to be fully funded. The council discussed hiring the additional assistant already in plan for the high number of students in first grade if the budgets allow (considering 2022-23 raises).

Overview of success plans

Based on success metrics in TSSP and Landtrust plans and student performance, current goals will stay the same.
The council discussed including a benchmark in future plans to encourage movement in proficiency levels in addition to individual progress. The council reviewed the data carousel information from the 2021-22 school year.

New building

Move in date is set for November. Details about progress were discussed.

Alicia motions to adjourn
Rachel seconds
Meeting adjourned

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