1545 E 8425 S Sandy, UT 84093

Ranked No.2 In Utah

October 12, 2023 – Agenda

  1.   Action Items
    1. Approve Meeting Minutes
    2. SCC 101 online at https://www.canyonsdistrict.org/scc/training/ for those new to serving on the SCCs


  1. Discussion Items
    1. Before October 20th deadline:
      1. Submit membership form submitted on School LAND Trust website; members & contact information updated on school website;
      2. Assure meeting schedule for the year is on the school website.
      3. Assure you are also adding your meetings in some other form of notice that is visible to the public (school calendar, front page of website…).
      4. Submit Principal Assurance on the School LAND Trust website
  1. Digital Citizenship
  2. LAND Trust/TSSP – Data Review
  3. School Safety Report
  4. Electronic Device Policy
  5. Safe Walking Route Reports
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