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Dear Panther Families,

We will miss our students today as we begin our school closure. Peruvian Park staff will be working today and tomorrow to put together student materials provided by the district for you to use over the next two weeks with your child.  You will be able to access these materials via the internet or in hard copy form on Wednesday. Please let your child’s teacher know if you will need a paper copy.  We will notify you of the schedule to pick up the work by Tuesday afternoon. More information coming soon.

Families may come to the school today and tomorrow to retrieve personal items during regular school hours.  Teachers will be planning and working to prepare student materials, so they will be unavailable to meet with you.  

The district has determined the schools that will be providing school lunches during the school closure.  Peruvian Park is not one of those schools, but our students may go to any school on the list to obtain a lunch.  Please follow this link to find the school closest to you if you would like your child to receive a grab and go sack lunch.

It will be difficult to be separated from our students, but we will do our best to keep in touch.  Feel free to send questions and concerns my way.

Be safe!

Ms. Jewkes

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