School Goals

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School Vision and Goals

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All students will graduate from Canyons School District college, career and citizenship ready.


Peruvian Park Student Achievement Goals

As students enter Peruvian Park Elementary, each member of our staff strives to meet the needs of the individual child. We provide opportunities for students to become active participants in their learning.  Peruvian Park's mission is to "empower students to build their own success."

Peruvian Park's current goals that support the mission are:

  • To improve benchmark scores and/or SAGE scores in all grade levels to at least 80% or advance one level by spring 2018.
  • To improve benchmark and SAGE scores in all SALTA classes to 90% or higher by spring 2017.

Peruvian Park Student Behavioral Goals

Ensure that 100% of our students can identify all of our behavior expectations:

Be Safe

Show Respect

Be Responsible

 Peruvian Park Instructional Plan